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Tigerflow Dry Cooler Packaged Pumping Systems with Enclosure

Manufactured By: Tigerflow

Glycol Packaged Systems for Dry Coolers


A new generation of TIGERFLOW Packaged HVAC pumping and control systems are specifically designed with the customer in mind. It includes:

  • Full System integration of all systems:Controls, Mechanical and EMS interfaces
  • Menu Driven Operation: easy to understand operator interface and control
  • Trouble-free maintenance, long term service
  • Reliable: industry-standard components and maintenance friendly layouts
  • Flexibility: Let TIGERFLOW design and build your next HVAC system to meet your exact specifications and requirements
  • Full Factory installation, operation and maintenance manuals

Available TIGERFLOW HVAC Systems:

Variable speed secondary pumping

Best Efficiency

  • Wire-to-water efficiency
  • Variable Primary control
  • Chiller Sequencing
  • Boiler Sequencing
  • BTU Calculations and Sequences
  • Variable Volume, constant speed
  • Cooling Tower control
  • Automated valve control
  • Temperature control
  • Energy Management system control and interface
  • Data logging
  • Primary secondary control
  • Energy Management system interface

    TIGERFLOW Controllers:
    Features Fast main memory, EEPROM memory for all user setpoints, communication software, panel mounted operator interface, sealed membrane key pad

    • Mark II - Constant Speed & Variable volume, cooling tower
    • Mark III - Level Control
    • Mark V - Variable Speed, Variable volume, constant pressure
    • Mark VI - Variable Speed, Best Efficiency & Wire to Water Efficiency control, Temperature Control, Cooling Tower Control, Automated valve control
    • Mark VII - Variable speed, variable primary, Chiller sequencing, Boiler Sequencing and Automated valve control.
    • Mark VIII - Data center control

  • Variable speed primary pumping
  • Chiller/Boiler Sequencing (control)
  • Condenser water
  • Process water
  • Primary/Secondary pumping
  • Glycol make-up packages
  • Recirculation packages
  • Heat Transfer packages
  • Boiler packages
  • Packaged Control systems
  • Pre-Packaged environmental enclosures

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