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Featured Items

Grundfos Magna 3

AUTO and Flow Adapt, Flow limit; intuitive user interface with TFD display, proportional-pressure control; constant-pressure control; constant-temperature control; built-in Grundfos differential pressure and temperature sensor.


NSF/ANSI 61 Tigerflow Grey and Rain Water Systems

TIGERFLOW Systems receives NSF/ANSI 61 Certification

Grundfos Delta Hydro MPC

The pre-packaged Grundfos Hydro MPC HVAC.

No need to build it yourself in the field. Intelligent controls and demand-responsive performance increase efficiency and decrease system wear from day one.

  • DELTA HCU, North America

PACO Pumps

Dolphin is pleased to announce the design and installation of PACO pumps in the Freedom Tower in NYC.

Grundfos NBSE

NBSESplit-Coupled End-Suction Pump 
The Grundfos NBSE split-coupled, end-suction pump with integrated
permanent magnet motor, drive, and control serves as the industry
standard in performance, quality, and durability. These products allow
for dynamic and intelligent solutions to many commercial building and
industrial applications. With a selection of forty-one sizes available,
the NBSE provides all the benefits of an NBS pump, enhanced by a
high-efficiency permanent magnet motor and variable frequency drive,
manufactured by Grundfos.
The Grundfos MLE permanent magnet motor with integrated variable
frequency drive exceeds IE5 efficiency levels set by the International
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), currently the highest efficiency
worldwide for electrical motors. NEMA Premium Efficient motors are
equivalent to IE3, meaning these MLE motors are two levels above  
NEMA Premium Efficiency. The combined motor and VFD efficiency is 
higher than a NEMA Premium motor alone.

Laser Pump Alignment

We have factory trained technicians that laser align the pump and motor shafts to the closest tolerances possible as per the manutacturer's recommendations. A written alignment report is furnished to the Customer.

Properly aligned pumps increase the longevity of the pump and minimizes premature bearing, seal and coupling failure.

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