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GRUNDFOS Pumps and Accessories

Multistage inline pumps, E-pumps, SS pumps, Integrated variable speed pumping systems, Boosterpaq domestic water pumping systems, circulators, sump/sewage & waste water pumps. Plate and Frames, suction diffusers, triple duty valves, expansion tanks, air separators, air/dirt separators, glycol systems. GES specialized custom boiler, chiller pumping systems enclosed with fabricated house enclosures.


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Grundfos Variable Speed Booster System (more info)
ALPHA3 - easy hydronic balancing The ALPHA3 is our newest circulator for domestic buildings. It is of the renowned Grundfos quality and guarantees easy installation, world-class energy efficiency and reliable operation in the toughest conditions. For the ultimate benefits of the ALPHA3, however, installers need two other components â?? the ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app. Together, the state-of-the-art ALPHA3 system helps installers complete a hydronic balancing incredibly fast and accurately. (more info)
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (HEB) A compact and economic option, brazed heat exchangers are made of individually â?? connected, corrugated stainless steel plates for simple assemblies. Highly resistant to extreme pressures and temperatures, they are gasket-free and thus maintenance-free. (more info)
The Grundfos CM/CME pump has been created with compactness, flexibility and reliability as its central features. This horizontal multistage close-coupled pump is a compact, reliable and quiet pump designed to work in a variety of applications. (more info)
The CRE pump is a CR pump, motor and integrated variable frequency drive. The CRE pump is a system which is able to solve application problems and save energy. (more info)
The CUE series are frequency converters for the speed control of a wide range of Grundfos pumps. (more info)
Grundfos GO is the mobile tool box for professional users on the go. It is the most comprehensive platform for mobile pump control and pump selection including sizing, replacement and documentation. It offers intuitive, handheld assistance and access to Grundfos online tools, and it saves valuable time for reporting and data collection. Grundfos GO is designed to save time and effort for the user. The app can be downloaded to any device with an iOS or Android operating system. (more info)
Grundfos Hydro MPC is a packaged pumping system designed to simplify and optimize pumping in both no matter the applications. (more info)
The Grundfos Hydro Multi-B is a compact, reliable, and energy efficient constant pressure booster system ideal for domestic water pressure such as apartments, large homes, and multi-story buildings. (more info)
PACOpaQ combines the reliability of PACO-brand centrifugal pumps with the intelligence and efficiency of the Grundfos MLE motor and integrated variable frequency drive. The systems also feature a dedicated HVAC control, which automatically determines the most efficient speed and optimum number of pumps needed to meet desired flow and pressure. Heat exchangers are included in the PACOpaq as well as expansion tanks, hydraulic separators, and tangential air separators �¢?? also available separately. These components work together to provide lower initial cost, longer pump life, reduced maintenance, maximum efficiency and quieter operation for the end user. (more info)
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger (HEP) Versatile and reliable gasketed plate heat exchangers feature wavelike corrugation for optimal fluid distribution, leading to the highest heat transfer rates at the lowest pressure drops. They also feature a glue-free gasket for simple replacement and a self-centering plate system for longer lifecycle. (more info)
Applications Hydronic Heating and Cooling Single-pipe heating systems Primary / Secondary Heat Recovery Systems Distributed Pumping District Energy Systems (more info)
Grundfos five duty valve 1. Balancing 2. Isolation shutoff 3. Check valve 4. Angled or straight pattern - same valve body 5. Gate valve to drain past check valve (more info)
Designed for commercial hydronic applications, MAGNA3 will cut power consumption up to 85 percent through its innovative AUTOADAPT function that automatically and continuously adjusts circulator performance and the new FLOWADAPT control mode that reduces the need for pump throttling valves. (more info)
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