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Thrush Stock Commercial Pressurizer

Manufactured By: Thrush Pumps

Pressure booster backage to increase system pressure and maintain flow.

Thrush pressurizers are pressure booster packages that increase system pressure and maintain the flow necessary to meet changing system demands. The constant pressure feature is unique and sets Thrush Pressurizers apart from other booster packages. Constant pressure on the top floor of a building ensures not only adequate flow but alos, the efficient operation of water use fixtures and appliances such as flush valves, washdown bowls, dishwashers, washing machines and shower heads.

Pressure boosting, without constant control of pressure will cause demand pressure fluctuations. This will result in either too little or too much operating pressure at ciritical fixtures and appliances resulting in improper operation of the devices.

Product Features

  • Completely assembled to simplify installation
  • Constant pressure at varying flows
  • Flows up to 100 GPM
  • Pressure boost up to 65 PSI

Typical Applications

  • Supplemental Pressurization of Upper Floors
    In cases where falling city pressure has made the main booster system incapable of maintaining proper pressure on upper floors of high-rise buildings, such as apartment houses, office buildings hotels and motels.
  • Multiple Installations on Alternate Floors
    Pressurizers can provide incremental pressurization for blocks of floors. Eliminates the need for a large central booster system. Ideal for modular building techniques.
  • Hospital/Research Facilities
    Ensure constant pressure at critical points of use such as laser equipment and lab cooling systems.
  • Industrial Point of Use
    Provide required pressure of process lines at point of use. Hydraulic pressure, cooling and flushing.
  • Jockey Pump Applications
    Provides off peak/leak loss pressurization on fire systems, to keep large fire pumps from short cycles.
  • Off Peak Use
    To provide minimum pressure during periods of low usage (weekends) and keep main booster system off.

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