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Manufactured By: Schneider Electric

Square D Variable Speed Drives

S-Flex 212 enclosed drive offers:

  • Quick installation and drive start-up
  • Pre-programmed macro configuration for variable torque motor applications for ease of use and reduced time to operation
  • Stock availability for quick delivery

Fan Applications

Pump Applications

Supply fansChilled and hot water supply
Heating and coolingHeating and cooling
Ventilation fansFresh water pumping
Intake and exhaustIn-building booster pumps
Cooling tower fansCooling tower pumps
Tower efficiencyTower efficiency

S-Flex 212 Product Range

460 Vac Three Phase

208/230 Vac Three Phase

1 - 100 HP1 - 40 HP
NEMA Type 1 enclosureNEMA Type 1 enclosure

The Altivar�® 61 offers a wide range of functions for centrifugal pumps and fans from 1 to 900 HP.

Its evolutionary design meets your requirements to manage and monitor your building's HVAC and pumping functions.
The Altivar 61 drive reduces energy costs by adjusting motor speed to the required flow of fluids. It will also lower installation costs by eliminating throttling values, dampers or inlet guide vanes typically used to control the flow of fluids. In addition, building occupant comfort is maximized with accurate flow control.

E-flexâ?¢ Type 1 and Type 12K Pump & Fan Drive

E-Flex AC drives are packaged, adjustable speed drive solutions for commercial and industrial pump and fan applications. The E-Flex drive is the perfect solution for large HVAC systems where flexibility, functionality, structural integrity, ease of use, and reliability are concerns for the user.

Square D product details, like standard options and HVAC control interfacing, allow users to stay focused on their business and not ours. E-Flex AC drives utilize Altivar�® 61 drive technology in a unique packaged power converter ("flex-drive") design that extends the specification ratings beyond a standard Altivar 61 drive. E-Flex drives are compatible with Altivar�® 61 communication cards, I/O extension cards and operator interface options.

Features and Benefits

  • Application flexibility - full range of E-Flex drives to meet specific indoor and outdoor applications
    • Type 1 enclosure for indoor, non-dusty environments
    • Type 12K enclosure for indoor, dusty/wet environments
    • Type 3R enclosure for outdoor, rain or shine environments
    • (10Ã?° to 50Ã?°C ambient temperatures)
  • Industrial product integrity
    • coordinated circuit breaker eliminates line input fuse requirements
    • UL 508C coordinated listing for drive and bypass options
    • industrial rated control operators and pilot devices
    • fully rated motor isolation and bypass with mechanical and electrical interlock
    • Type 1 or 12K (conduit knockouts) construction
  • Reduced installation cost and commissioning time
    • top and bottom conduit entry provides installation flexibility
    • pre-punched conduit entry location saves on installation time
    • pre-programmed for HVAC variable torque applications
    • Type 2B wiring terminals provides ease of wiring

Available Ratings

  • 1 - 100 HP variable torque 460 VAC, three-phase input
  • 1 - 50 HP variable torque 208/230 VAC, three-phase input

The M-Flexâ?¢ enclosed drive featuring either the Altivar�® 61 or Altivar 71 drives within a Type 1 general purpose or Type 12/12K drip/dust proof enclosure in integrated or barriered designs. It offers a platform of standard, engineered and special features to meet the varied needs of commercial, industrial and municipal process applications where high functionality of features is required. M-Flex enclosed drive controllers are low voltage products available in the following ratings:

Constant torque (Heavy duty, 150% current limit)

  • AltivarÃ?® 71 power converter
  • 1 to 450 hp, 460 V
  • 1 to 40 hp, 208/230 V

Variable torque (Light duty, 110% current limit)

  • Altivar 61 power converter
  • 1 to 500 hp, 460 V
  • 1 to 50 hp, 208/230 V

Integrated enclosures can be wall or floor mounted, depending on size. They provide a circuit breaker disconnect and enough room for power peripherals, including isolation and bypass contactors, all within the same enclosure.

Barriered enclosures separate power and control circuits, such as bypass, from drive control. The separate compartments allow for maximum flexibility if servicing a drive in bypass operation.

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